Strategic Systems

To be successful in today's competitive marketplace, enterprises must find ways to improve their strategic execution. Superior business performance is dependent on aligning the enterprise with corporate strategy and key performance metrics.

Our strategic systems enable organizations to effectively translate strategy into tactical plans and meaningful performance metrics that employees understand and are accountable for.

Using our world-class suite of analytical and presentation tools, we provide a dynamic, real-time reporting and analysis environment, enabling users to drill into feeder applications to better understand performance issues and take action to improve the situation quickly.



  • Legacy Data Integration

    Most companies, despite their best intentions, end up with a portfolio of disparate legacy systems (eg. finance systems, cust . . . . . .

  • Project Management

    Implementing information systems for decision support and financial reporting applications is not a routine operation. Most o . . . . . .

  • Proof of Concepts

    The development of a Proof of Concept model can be an invaluable aid in demonstrating how a piece of software can satisfy a s . . . . . .

  • Strategic Human Resources

    Global Human Resource Services In today’s business environment, the speed of globalization—and the resources . . . . . .

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