Legacy Data Integration

Most companies, despite their best intentions, end up with a portfolio of disparate legacy systems (eg. finance systems, customer and marketing databases, and logistics systems) as a result of acquisitions or poor planning. Data held in these systems is often difficult to obtain and usually needs to be integrated with data from other systems to become meaningful and useful.

Many organizations implementing expensive ERP systems (like SAP or Oracle), find themselves with no visibility of product or customer history, or facility to join new and historical information in a timely and cost effective way. Information needs, fulfilled with extraordinary manual effort, produce conflicting results between departments with no data integrity or audit trail.

Agile Systems has the expertise to help clients solve the puzzle of integrating software packages and disparate sources of data into a single coherent environment. We have the hands-on experience needed for the production, implementation and deployment of the tools needed to normalize and combine disparate data and meta-data sources. Our highly flexible solutions quickly provide a sustainable reporting and analysis platform so you can stay on top of trends in your business.

The benefits of our highly flexible solutions include:

  • Integrate data from any source – different formats, naming conventions, systems of any kind

  • Fast development time - independent of other systems integration efforts, enabling you to produce results quickly without disrupting the way you do business

  • Perform calculations and analysis immediately after loading huge data sets (with no pre-calculation requirements)

  • Create rollups, consolidations and custom views (from an unlimited number of data sources) in seconds as required

  • Create a single version of the truth with integrity and a solid audit trail to source systems

  • Provide one consistent interface point for all downstream applications (such as CRM, optimization, or demand planning tools)

  • Create a sustainable multi-user reporting environment for all of your business information.



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