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In today’s business environment, the speed of globalization—and the resources it requires — often outstrips a company’s ability to fully address the people side of moving into new international markets or expanding in existing ones. Varying cultures, customs, languages, laws, regulations and practices limit opportunities to leverage an existing HR infrastructure and instead require a market-specific approach.

At Agile Systems, our global HR services’ consultants help multinational organizations adopt a global HR perspective and develop focused approaches for a wide range of international HR needs. We become an extension of your staff, filling the role of international expert while remaining an objective business partner, trusted advisor and experienced facilitator for globalization.

We have a global network of consultants and partners, all of whom have experience living and working in various regions of the world. We know what you may not, asking and answering the most critical questions that help uncover the keys to organizational success in a foreign work environment.

International Services

Upon this foundation, we build a customized, structured HR approach that addresses your specific needs within the context of the international market in which you are entering or expanding to give you a competitive edge.

HR Analysis: We can conduct an HR analysis by country that includes considerations and requirements around culture, legal, expatriates, compensation and benefits, employment terms and conditions and employee relations.

Compensation and Benefits: We help you identify global factors that impact compensation and benefits, including company strategy, legal policies and culture. We can also develop, implement and evaluate your global compensation and benefits plans.

Cultural Issues: We uncover how culture impacts demographic trends, social policy development and the balance between local and corporate focus and initiatives.

Employee Relations and Regulations: We will lead you through the maze of employee laws, regulations, policies and the movement of people across borders.

Human Capital: We work with you to clarify your business strategy to develop and align your human capital strategies, policies and programs with key business aspirations and goals. Key focus areas include the following:
• Human capital strategy review and formulation
• Organizational design and effectiveness
• Employer branding strategies
• Workforce planning
• Change management
• Organizational communication

Mergers and Acquisitions: HR plays an important role in making an international M&A more successful. Our experts focus on the people-related issues, including due diligence, company cultures, HR strategies, integration of HR processes and practices and enterprise-wide project management.

Sourcing and Selection Strategies: We help transform your global staffing initiative to be the vehicle to attract organizational talent. Our work includes global staffing plan development, the creation of related metrics and an analysis of legal policies and local conditions that can influence your staffing plan.

Retention: To motivate, develop and retain your organizational talent, we use a variety of tools that include succession planning, competency models, job analysis approaches, performance management and related metrics.

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Agile Systems is a professional consulting services firm that specializes in the design and implementation of customized business planning, reporting and analytical applications and global human resource services.



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